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Double Side Queen


Double-Sided Mattresses
Double-sided mattresses with a box spring used to be the standard in most bedrooms. In the last few years, they’ve given way to a new style that has only one side. Many companies now build their mattresses from the bottom up which makes it so they can't be flipped over. This one-sided style is becoming the standard now. Although some people still like to flip their mattress for a fresh surface. Many people want to find the same comfort they experienced on vacation. Since many hotel mattresses are double-sided they search online for those.

For those that prefer the classic two-sided mattress, Big Barry Mattress carries a wide selection. There are still a few mattress manufacturers that make this double-sided mattress. Not only that, but we also offer them at the best prices available anywhere. For instance, we have dozens and dozens of Big Barry flippable mattresses available! If you want a mattress that has two sides, check out our offerings. We carry a lot of the traditional double-sided innerspring coil beds. We also carry compatible box springs and bed frames to go with our assortment of two-sided mattresses.