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ZT Quick and Easy Book Publishing Services... Book Jobs will include proof reading, editing, laying book out and getting it ready for Lulu, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon Online, the largest book sellers. Also we do Ebooks, so it can be read on Nooks, Kindles and other Mobile Devices.

We also offer: Story Time Videos in which you can get your Book turned into a Story Time Animated Cartoon for Children and get it featured on your local TV Stations, Radio and on YouTube. Thank you for your interest in ZT Quick and Easy Book Publishing Services. We look forward to hearing from you soon :-) Call Us 404-956-9630

Become a Published Author With ZT Quick and Easy Publishing Services !

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Author retains 100% rights to their work. You will receive Professional book editing, Award winning design teams...worldwide digital and physical book distribution. Customized press release campaigns, High-Definition AD for every title we publish. You will receive all your royalty structure in the publishing industry.

ZT Quick and Easy Book Publishing Services delivers one of the best publishing matches to writers and prospective authors. Receive literary assistance and professional consultations to help publish your book. Whether you're looking to top the bestsellers list or publish for a niche market, we can help you with publishing your book and bring your book to life. We will show you how you can setup Book Signings... By selling your books and signing and taking photos with supporters, receiving donations to help promote your books. You can also get your very on Website so you can sell your books and get donations to help promote your book. We help put you in the right direction as far as Advertising your book on all the Social Media Networks...Facebook, Twitter, Periscope, Instagram, Our Website, Youtube and more.

Our marketing Team develops a hands-on Advertising Brochure Booklet so you can take orders and show customers a copy of your Book and have them pay for books in advance so you can order it. Simply take down customers name and number and quantity of books they want and payment and give them a receipt.

Or you can give them the link so they can go online and order your book themselves.

Don't forget about your local Libraries, Churches and other Events. You can read your books there and advertise it by word of mouth. Let Everyone know your New Book is out.

Learn about the publishing process and get information on timeline, pricing, and royalties. Remain in control of your manuscript and simply receive support for your book. With so many literary agents and publishing companies out there, it can be difficult to choose between them all. We are here to help you navigate the industry and choose the right publishing plan for you.







It is the dream of many writers to hold a copy of their own book - the ultimate realization of all that hard work. Create your own book in whatever form you wish: from digital eBook, paperback to hardcover...

There is a literary agent for every situation. No matter what your aspirations or goals may be, we can help you become a published author and make your book a reality.





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