Jewelry Making Course





Let the Vegan Queens teach you these incredible jewelry making and beading techniques! Follow our simple, step-by-step beading tutorial for covering or filling a component, bangle or earrings or other accessories. Each technique has a list of materials and tools needed, plus helpful tips and tricks!

Beginning beading is to decide what it is you want to make; it's a crucial step in the design process that helps you from being overwhelmed. We have 3 basic categories for you to choose from: earrings, bracelets and necklaces. Take your pick and continue onto the next step in your creative path!

One of the most overwhelming parts of learning a new craft like jewelry making is knowing what supplies you need to get started. For stringing beads, bead weaving, or wire work, tools like wire cutters and several shapes of pliers are helpful to have on hand.






Wire cutters are a must-have tool for a jewelry makers kit. They allow you to cut headpins, eye pins, and stringing wire.

Note: To cut memory wire, you'll need memory wire cutters instead of regular wire cutters. Using regular cutters for this type of wire will dent your cutting edge, making it useless. The round edges are perfect for creating simple loops and other rounded wire elements. The jaws of round nose pliers taper towards the point, which allows you to position your wire along the jaw to get the exact size loop you want. For a large loop, place your wire closer to the handles; for a smaller loop, place it towards the tip. To make consistently-sized loops for a particular project, mark the pliers with a permanent marker. This way, you place your wire in the same location every time. When you're done, simply clean the pliers with alcohol to remove the mark. You will be learning many other neat techiques.



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