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Bethanne Fitzgerald has sent you a message:
i'm impressed
To: zyra

What's up,

That music video of yours I just watched learning is the key on YouTube was fantastic.



BlakeJy064 has sent you a message:
To: PrincessZyra

Hey , how's it going?

I don't normally do this, but I just watched one your videos on YouTube and it was so good I just had to get a hold of you and let you know how awesome it was.


Dr. M. Gibson

Hello ZyNeatra's Puppet Shows,

The show you guys done for my school last friday was amazing. We love you guys so much. Keep up the good work!!! Also we look forward to seeing your shows on TV. The kids really enjoy seeing you on TV after meeting you guys. (P.S. Zyra please come back anytime and read to the class.)

Director: Dr. M. Gibson




ZyNeatra Puppets

Oh, Thank You, Dr. Gibson. We love you all too...very much. Let us know when your ready for another show.

Stay Bless,

ZyNeatra's Puppet Shows


Nicole Smith

Hey Neatra, I love your art..and thanks for the great reading Zyra:)



ZyNeatra Puppets

Thanks alot Nicole.


Kelli James

I love all the pictures. (Neatra you and your daughter Zyra are both so beautiful.)



ZyNeatra Puppets


Thank much Kelli


Terri Parks

Hi ZyNeatra Puppets you do wonderful work. My kids and I had the opportunity to watch one of your puppet shows on TV, and we loved it. Keep Up the Great Work!!! And please keep us posted for upcoming shows.





ZyNeatra Puppets

Hi Terri, Thank you so much. I am so glad that you and your kids enjoyed the show. You can Tune In to Comcast Channel 24 Friday, March 5, 2010 @ 1:48pm to catch another one of our shows. Thanks again, and May God Bless you and your family. ZyNeatra's Puppet Shows

Angela M.

Hey ZyNeatra I love your work. I wish you were in Los Angeles I would love for you to come to my Preschool and entertain my "Little People" :)


ZyNeatra Puppets

Thank You…so much Angela. Oh, I wish I was in LA too. I would love to do a show for your school. Thanks for visiting our site too. It is so great meeting so many wonderful people. I will be posting some of our videos of the Puppet Shows on the website soon.

Stay Blessed



Hello Everyone, Thanks for all of the love and support...I've been in the Studio all day shooting ZyNeatyra's Puppet Show...Raffi meets Alvin. The video will be posted to the website soon. Tomorrow, March 15, 2010 at 5:49pm Monday, on Comcast Channel 24 one of our shows will be on TV. Thanks again…much love Zyra


Buttons D.

CONGRATS Zyra that is great...Buttons



Thank you…so much Zyra


Terri Parks

Wow!!! That's Wonderful News Zyra!!! You are such a beautiful and talented little girl. I'm still amazed at how well you read at age 4. After seeing you read my 3 year old son has been trying to read. keep up this awesome work.



Thank you so much Mrs. Terri.

Terri Parks

Hi Zyra, you are as cute as you can be. My kids and I had the opportunity to watch one of your puppet shows on TV, and we loved it. Keep Up, the Good Work Zyra!!!

p.s. zyra, i love the way you were singing you were doing it girl.


Hi Terri, Thank you so much. I am so glad that you and your kids enjoyed the show. I will be uploading some videos of the Puppet Shows to my Website Soon. May God Bless you and your family... Zyra


Briana H.

Great Job Zyra!!!


Hi Briana, Thank u so much and thanks for visiting

Briana H.

Your Welcome , ur so pretty !


Thank You, Briana. Your pretty too, and I love your hair.

Briana H.

:) Thanksz ! Your hair is nice too !

Leeah J.

You so cute zyra you remind me of my niece. Welcome to my world, I will enjoy being your friend.
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Thank you Leeah, and thanks for visiting. I'm going to enjoy being your friend too. Have A Wonderful Day... Zyra

Rachel D.

Hi Zyra, You are so cute!!!!


Hello Rachel, How are you? Thank You.










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